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Wonderful indeed

The Moving Images course is wonderful indeed. I really enjoyed meeting the 12 participants last Tuesday at the Booth Centre. They made me feel very welcome and showed a lot of enthusiasm for the course and film-making in general.

Tomorrow they are going to Whitworth Art Gallery to view Dark Matters and to make short films on iPads with Ed and Rachael.

Meanwhile, Connie, from Manchester Art Gallery is busy arranging a fabulous pop up darkroom session on 15 November for them. And… they would like a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

It’s all go…

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Ten questions to render you friends for life

On the Power and Performance course, Carmen, the tutor, asked everyone to think of ten questions, which, when asked of a stranger would render you friends for life. Here are mine:

1. When you dream BIG, what do you dream about?

2. Have you ever been in fear of your life?

3. Define love.

4. What’s your only regret?

5. Who, or what, makes you laugh out loud?

6. Do you like change?

7. If you were the only person left on earth, and you could choose one person to share it with, who would it be?

8. Black or white?

9. Late or early?

10. If you were represented by a body of water, would you be: a snowflake, icicle, puddle, waterfall, stream, river, lake, ocean, rain, mist, fog, steam etc?

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Some notes on the Moving Images course

Today is Friday 18 November, and I just wanted to add some notes on how the Moving Images course is going from my perspective:

Well, I love this group of learners! They’re enthusiastic, lively and great fun to be around. They enter into each new learning experience with enquiring minds and joie de vivre. (more coming, got to do other stuff first)

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