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5.30am Knocking on the door, tapping on the window woke me up. Then the doorbell went and not just mine everyone’s. Drugged up zombies after borrowing Rizla papers I guessed. The woman upstairs buzzed them in. Lots of shuffling feet and bumping into things until they get bored and go away.


6am The zombies are back. Better prepared this time with anti stab vests and personal communicators. She let them in again, some people will never learn. She started off talking to them, then shouting at them. Now it is time for tears. The wet stairs make it difficult for them to get close to her. I know what they are thinking. I can see their cold dead eyes. They are thinking ‘Brains’.


7am Hardly slept with the worry and all that. Protection is what I need. That is it! A stake and hammer.


4pm Do not believe the adverts. Older staff who know their products. Not at B&Q they don’t.


Note to do – get God on your side.


8am St. Patrick’s

9am  St. Peter’s

10 am St. Paul’s

11am St. Andrew’s

12pm St. Joseph’s

1pm St. Chad’s

2pm St. Sebastian’s

3pm St. Mary’s Hospital A&E. Tripped and broke a toe. They accused me of being drunk.

This will slow me down. How to keep one step ahead? Think Home Alone 1. Think the siege of Stalingrad.

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Yuiko Mishima was short listed for the Nobel Prize for literature 3 times…

..that is him in the image. He led a hopelessly futile right wing coup in 1970 that ended in his committing seppuku.The extended text is a description of that event taken from Mishima’s Sword by Christopher Ross, that makes clear that Mishma’s final performance was not glorious but horrible. There seems to be a fit with the power and performance theme. The bolder type is a kind of Haiku pulled out of the text of a standard creative writing technique. Finally the overlaying of images of some of the pictures at the Whitworth was the visual spur.

©2011 David Dennehy

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A Child of Our Time

Michael Tippet’s A Child of our Time oratorio was inspired by events in 1938:Herschel Grynszpan, a Jewish refugee teenager in Paris, murdered the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath. This was a catalyst for the Nazis‘ attacks against Jews in Germany on Kristallnacht. One of the events portrayed in ‘Good’ at the Royal Exchange.

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Discipline And Punish


The main text is Foucault on eighteenth  century crime and punishment.

A wave and a smile undoes  this judicial performance.

Nephew and uncle both hang

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Inspired and emboldened

Inspired and emboldened by the Power and Performance course I have set up a Tumblr site where you will find a collection of abstract art, photography, cultural flotsam and occasional trash that has caught my eye.

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