My name is Barbara, sometimes I get called Babs too. I like either.

I go to the Learning and Disability Resource Centre in Offerton.

I took part in the Just the Ticket project and now I’m on the Peripheral Vision, Art Attack course.

My Course Diary

It was easy!

Barbara at Whitworth Art Gallery

Barbara told me about her day at Whitworth Art Gallery:

I came because I wanted to see all the photos. I wanted to see that one like Jesus on the cross.

I worked on this piece on the iPad. On the iPad I liked to see the photos. I did drawings. It was easy.

I used pink, green, red, yellow and the glittery one. I like all colours. I don’t have a favourite.

The best bit about today was going around to see all the pictures. There was a waterfall one with Jesus and another one for Easter. I liked both of them.

I liked drawing the pictures.

Barbara's iPad picture

This is Barbara’s picture she drew on the iPad.

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Babs visits PHM

Barbara's print at PHM

On Monday 19 December, Barbara visited the People’s History Museum with nine of her friends from LDRC.

Barbara made a lovely print in pink, green and blue featuring a picture of a crown. I asked Babs why she chose a crown:

I like the crown because of the Queen. When you’re 100 she gives you a cheque. She gives you a lot of money.

I asked her what she enjoyed most about her visit to PHM:

The best thing about today was the printing and seeing the old people in the pictures and I had my photo taken with my dress on.

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